At the Emergency General Meeting on Thursday 16th November, we will be voting to elect a new board of trustees. Below are the bios for the applicants.

Andrea Joan Allez

“I worked for 40 years, unpaid and paid, within the Voluntary and Community Sector starting in the Under Fives sector and moving into infrastructure support (i.e. supporting small, medium and large voluntary and community groups so they could run effectively) as a training and development officer/manager for many years.

I have worked supporting management committees of grass roots community groups as well as Trustee Boards of larger, more complex organisations. I have served on many management committees/Trustee Boards from, for example, chairing the committee at Bristol Playbus Project, a Trustee of Bristol LGB Centre, Trustee at a national Community Work charity.

I am aware of the skills needed to ensure a Trustee Board works as a team and makes decisions in an inclusive way. I am also aware of the areas that need to be addressed in order to manage an organisation.”

Leon Fleming

“I’m a playwright, a theatre producer and a gay man. And I suppose in my own small way I’m an activist as well; particularly when it comes to LGBT+ equality.

Over the years there have been many roles I’ve taken which are probably in one way or another relevant to being a trustee of Equity Partnership; some of these include being on the executive committee and later chair of the Hull University Union LGB Committee (many years ago,) to running pubs, producing the Jersey Jazz Festival for three years, creating a long-running platform for playwrights at the Jersey Opera House, co-producing my own shows including a West End run as well as a show in aid of Amnesty International UK regarding homophobia in Russia and the Chechen region (featuring Ian McKellen,) and working with Bradford Council for the last two years to help provide theatre events for LGBT History Month. I’ve been regarded as an “influencer” in Bradford by the Brick Box (even though I don’t really know what that means,) spoken at the Bradford Pride Awards, taken part in several protests regarding the treatment of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya and against the ever growing threat of fascism here in our own country. And sometimes I very quietly work behind the scenes to connect people with other people who might be helpful to their cause; because I’m very lucky that over the years I have been able to make friends with all sorts of people all over the place.

I also volunteer at the monthly LGBT+ Coffee and Cake Social which takes place in Leeds, and I’m a panel member of the West Yorkshire Police LGBT Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel for Leeds.”

Philip Kitson

“I would like to become a trustee with the Equity partnership due to my interest in the organisation and the work they do. I have been involved in the Equity partnership both in my role as a youth worker and as a participant at social events and groups.

I currently work as a qualified Youth Worker with Bradford Council. This role is something I have been involved in for over 10 years. I have experience of working with diverse groups, community development and community action. I have organised groups and events and have experience of fundraising.

I have experience of helping set up voluntary organisations with my work at Step 2 Young Peoples Health Project where I was the chair of the management committee.”

Sebastian Sumner

“I am a member of the LGBT community, who has taken part in LGBT Student Politics and currently volunteers at youth groups for LGBT youth.”