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Report a Hate Crime

Homophobic and transphobic abuse is a crime.

If you are bullied, attacked, harassed, or called names because you are (or someone thinks you are) lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans, it is a crime and you have the right to report it. You can also report these incidents if you witness them happening to someone else. If you do not want to go to the police, there are centres in Bradford where you can report hate crime.

All reporting centres have people who have been trained to take details of what has happened to you in a sensitive and completely confidential way. You can also contact them if you are being abused or attacked because of your race, faith or disability.

We hope that all crime centres are sensitive to sexual orientation and trans identity; if you experience any problems please let us know.

The Equity Centre is also a hate crime reporting centre, if you would like support in reporting a hate crime you can get in touch with us and we can help you through the process, or you can visit the West Yorkshire Police website to find a full list of hate crime reporting centres in West Yorkshire.

It is also now possible to report hate crime via the internet via the below link.

There are also organisations who can provide support in the aftermath of a hate crime.

Stop Hate UK
Stop Hate UK is a national charity which was established 20 years ago; they have been providing a 24 hour helpline service in many areas of England to anyone affected by Hate Crime based on any aspect of their identity (disability, faith, gender identity, race or sexual orientation) or perceived.

Help for Victims
Whether you have been affected by crime – or you know someone who has – this website could help. It provides information about how victims and witnesses should be treated within the Criminal Justice System and offer advice for those affected by crime. Information and answers are provided by experienced professionals in the victim support field and this website is completely anonymous.