Don’t forget to come to the zine workshop for some fantastic fun this Friday 15th in the Equity Centre!

With LGBT history month on the horizon, we’ve got three Zine workshops being delivered in the Equity centre by Artworks Creative Communities!

In previous sessions, that Artworks delivered at the centre, the group spoke about key pubs in Bradford city centre, and beyond, that were crucial in providing safe social spaces and also served as places for members of the Gay Liberation Front to meet. We would like to explore these stories further and capture them.

Memories and anecdotes will be captured in text and image creation (perhaps using personal photos and/or archival images from the local library) we will also include a map to show where the pubs were and will form the basis for the first LGBT heritage walk in Bradford.

Artist(s): New artist Jen (part of the LGBT community) will lead the sessions and Estelle from Artworks (led the Live Well, Be Well sessions) would be there for the first session to support.

Session 1 – Equity Centre, Friday, 15th February – 10.45am – 1pm
Introduction to zine-making and techniques involved, Group discussion about local (and wider) LGBT community history and what could be shared in the zine
*Please bring research and photos for the next session

Session 2 – Equity Centre, Friday, 22nd February – 10.45am – 1pm
Sharing of photos and stories, group work

Session 3 – Equity Centre, Friday, 1st March – 10.45am – 1pm
Compilation of zine ready for short print run

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