⚠️Zine Workshop Changes⚠️


The Zine Workshops will NOT be on the previous dates of 22nd February and 1st of March as they take a different form, the new dates for the next two sessions will come soon.

Join Jen, one of the Equity Partnerships newest members, to chat share stories/anecdotes about Bradford’s LGBT history whilst trying out some quick and simple craft activities:
– Fabric badge making
– Print-making
– Card-making
– Mini zine/book making

Jen is an archivist and zine maker who, in the spirit of LGBT History Month, would like to create a zine celebrating Bradford’s LGBT history.

Potential content could include: Memories and anecdotes will be captured in text and image creation (perhaps using personal photos and/or archival images from the local library) we will also include a map to show where the pubs were and will form the basis for the first LGBT heritage walk in Bradford.

All members’ input is welcomed. You may be moved to write a short piece of poetry, have a collection of photos, have anecdotes to share, know people who would be happy for you to share their stories. Additionally for those who can’t join us at the session/s we would welcome your inclusion and you can do so by contacting us directly via email (Estelle@ArtworksCreative.org.uk) or through the Equity Centre

New artist Jen (part of the LGBT community) will lead the sessions.

Session Info:
1-2 sessions lasting 2 hours each

Introduction to zine-making and techniques involved, with simple zine-associated crafts.Group discussion about local (and wider) LGBT community history and what could be shared in the zine.

The Equity Centre

*Final zines will be available from the Equity Centre and will be included in the Queer Stories archive.

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