Equity Partnership receives funding from Bradford Council’s Department of Health.

The aims of this funding are to improve the health of LGBTQ+ people in the following ways:

  1. Provide information and advice on stopping smoking, healthy eating, and increasing physical activity.
  2. Provide screening for Chlamydia, Hepatitis B and HIV.
  3. Deliver activities relating to healthy eating, weight management, and physical activity.
  4. Deliver training to promote the needs of LGBTQ+ communities.
  5. Update and distribute our publication ‘How to Work Positively with LGBTQ+ Communities’ to health professionals.
  6. Develop appropriate resources on how to work positively with Trans people.
  7. Ensure the needs of LGBTQ+ communities are represented at equality forums/meetings.
  8. Launch an Equality Index for Trans work.

Equity Partnership has conducted health needs assessments in partnership with our priority groups, and these are publicly available.
The Equity Centre provides a safe space for peer support groups to meet. We recognise the importance of peer support in promoting well-being and reducing isolation.