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Equality and Human Rights Commission comes under fire after publishing report on conversion therapy in the UK.

The Equality and Human Rights Comission (EHRC) published a paper in January 2022 which brought them into the public view, on the topic of conversion therapy and the banning thereof. They critiqued “lack of evidence about conversion therapy in relation to being transgender,” and concluded that “these matters require further careful and detailed consideration before legislative proposals are finalized and the implications of them can be fully understood.

Their stance has understandably brought controversy and upset, with organizations such as LGBT Foundation and Stonewall calling for review of the organizations’ practices and for something to be done. Conversion therapy has long been something we in the LGBTQ+ community know of and its’ effects, even to willing participants, can be chilling. Some countries compare it to torture, for the methods it can use and the way it is applied, in particular to those under 18.

You can read the EHRC report and the letter to Scotland’s government around delaying the simplifying of the process for a Gender Recognition Certificate below

https://t.co/nvQXr457vn – Scotland Government Letter

https://t.co/1djOSIrOfN -Conversion therapy report

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