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Double U-Turn on Conversion Therapy in UK

Conversion therapy is a practice which nearly everyone has heard of, a method through which someone tries to change their gender identity or sexuality, although typically not willingly. It is misguided even when well meant and more so since it is impossible to change your sexuality or gender identity, especially through such methods as those employed during conversion therapy. It is known to be incredibly harmful and traumatizing to those subjected to it. The UK currently does not have any laws which ban this practice but there have been conversations around bringing legislation forth.

Leaked briefing papers said that “the [prime minister] has agreed we should not move forward with legislation”. The brief recommended blaming the change on “pressures on the cost of living and the crisis in Ukraine”. However, there was understandable backlash which had Johnson making another turn on his plans and agreeing that legislation would be brought forth; only covering sexual orientation, though.

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