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PM’s Advisor dismayed at failure on conversion therapy

Nick Herbert is Boris Johnson’s advisor and a member of the LGBTQ+ community who has expressed his disappointment in the way conversion therapy ban has excluded the trans community. In response to the initial withdrawal and then partial… Read More

Double U-Turn on Conversion Therapy in UK

Conversion therapy is a practice which nearly everyone has heard of, a method through which someone tries to change their gender identity or sexuality, although typically not willingly. It is misguided even when well meant and more so… Read More

Equality and Human Rights Commission comes under fire after publishing report on conversion therapy in the UK.

The Equality and Human Rights Comission (EHRC) published a paper in January 2022 which brought them into the public view, on the topic of conversion therapy and the banning thereof. They critiqued “lack of evidence about conversion therapy… Read More