The Board of Trustees at Equity Partnership is entirely made up of volunteers from the membership. Trustees are ultimately accountable for the organisation and their governance responsibilities include developing strategy together with the Chief Executive Officer, ensuring compliance with the law and maintaining proper financial oversight.

The full Board meets 10 times throughout the year. In line with the constitution, there can be up to 14 Trustees at any one time. The structure of the Board is that there are three Officers: The Chair, The Secretary and The Treasurer. Each position has a term of office for one year. All Trustees receive an in-depth induction and ongoing training opportunities.

In addition to Board meetings, Trustees are actively encouraged to join one or more of the Board Sub Committee’s which meets on a regular basis and look in-depth at specific topics, and develop proposals to recommend to the Board for agreement. Currently the Board Sub Committee’s include: Employment, Fundraising and Strategy.

We are currently looking for new trustees so if you are interested, a member and have knowledge of any of the following:
– Governance
– Organisational Strategy
– Employment
– Funding bids
– Finance

Please get in touch with the Equity Partnership for more information and an informal meet up.


Chair of the Board – Kate Jones

Kate Jones is thoroughly enjoying the challenging and rewarding role of being Chair of the Board. It provides some warm squishy feelings at the thought of truly having a positive impact on our community and society. She states that being able to see the wonderful events, initiatives, collaborative working and to meet such passionate, kind and caring people from all walks of life truly is inspiring. Committing my time and energy for such a cause was an easy choice.

Kate is currently the National Lead for the NOMS Staff Network PiPP (Pride in Prison and Probation). She is in an extremely fortunate position with this role being full time. This role involves listening to members needs and working alongside the organisation to create inclusive and diverse environments. Not wholly dissimilar to being Chair of the board. Prior to this role she worked in Probation for over 10 years and continues to be an active union member. Kate has consistently shown passion and activism for Diversity and Inclusion through working with local LGBT+ staff networks, gaining success and momentum with the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index and as a result of this work won a National Probation Award.

Originally from Teesside Kate now lives in Bradford with her wife where she enjoys sports, good food, letting people know how amazing Bradford is. All whilst trying to abstain from her long standing addiction to TV boxset’s.


Treasurer – Halyna Dowhan

I came over to Leeds from a village outside of Wigan to start student life at the age of 18. Eventually I began teaching in Bradford where I progressed in my career and retired 35 years later.

From my early teenage years I dreamt of a world where people like myself, who knew they were different, would be fully accepted in society and be able to lead a full and happy life. To this end, I am extremely honoured to be a trustee and treasurer of the ‘Equity Partnership’. I also lead and co-ordinate the events of the ‘Older and Wilder’ group which is for anyone who considers themselves to be older, lesbian or bi. I am totally devoted to enhancing our community and contributing to a society built upon equality, diversity and inclusion. As part of the strategy group I am very keen to ensure that we plan carefully and efficiently, especially in these days of austerity, in order to progress our aims and objectives and not to fold as many small charities are needing to do.


In my spare time I love to travel with my wife, look after our rather large garden, socialise within our community, play the piano, watch a really good drama and last but not least have lots of fun with our rather large family which includes our five grandchildren.

Mark Rounding

“I have always been aware of the inspiring work of EP from attending conferences organised by them in the past. Moving to Bradford, and as a gay man working within the voluntary sector, I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved and help  ensure the diverse needs of the  local LGBT+ community  are met.”

Mary Guthrie

I have been a trustee for the partnership for three years, I like to staff the Equity Partnership stall at events and get involved with events at the Equity centre. I am a member of our older and wilder group.

I trained as a nurse and spent most of my working years in the care sector. I am also a member of the women institute. In my free time work as a volunteer at a charity shop where I particularly enjoy meeting all the shoppers. I also enjoy playing golf, walking the dog and I have recently started Zumba dance classes. Looking after our four cats and house rabbit takes up the rest of my time.

Hafsa Hashmi

Interests in EP: social and support groups/network meetings.
Groups represented: co-organiser of Subrang (BME Men’s group), Moderator/facilitator of Equity women’s group.