A Fantastic Woman Showing and Discussion

The Picturehouse Bradford is showing A Fantastic Woman from Friday 16th March.

Showtimes can be found here.

There will be a panel discussion held before the first showing from 5.45pm. The panel will include Saorsa, Helen and Stephanie from Chrysalis in Lancashire.

Best known to international audiences for his acclaimed fourth film, Gloria (2013) – which garnered Paulina García the Best Actress Award at the Berlin International Film Festival – Argentinian born, Chilean director Sebastián Lelio turns after a four-year absence with A Fantastic Woman. Featuring another stellar lead performance, Lelio’s latest feature stars Daniela Vega as Marina, a transwoman dealing with grief, transphobia and cold, humiliating bureaucracy.

A vision of defiant resistance, Marina’s trials are kick-started by the death of her lover, Orlando (Francisco Reyes). Having to inform Orlando’s family of the tragedy, Marina is met with suspicion and hostility due to her status as a transwoman. Instead of being comforted during her grief, Marina finds herself having to fight for her home, her rights and even custody of a beloved pet dog. Provocatively queer and female-centred, the Almodovaresque A Fantastic Woman is also deeply intelligent, sexy and tender.

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